International Conference on Computational Modelling, Simulation and Optimization (ICCMSO-2023)


All submissions will be handled electronically via the EasyChair Management System. Click for Submission at Electronic Submission System.
1. Full Length Paper (Presentation and Publication)
Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit full text papers including results, tables, figures and references. All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to the Conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
2. Abstract (Presentation Only)
Accepted abstract will be invited to give the presentation at the conference, the abstract may not be published.
Full Length papers/Abstract should follow the style of the Conference and are subject to both review and editing. Please follow the ICCMSO 2023 Conference template below.
Conference Template( Note: If total number of pages are more than 6 pages, extra page fees INR 500( 10$ ) applicable per page )
• Formatting Instructions Full Length Paper
• Formatting Instructions Abstract
3. Attending the Conference as a Listener
The delegates interested to attend the conference as a Listener may directly make registration along with the payment of registration fees.

Review Process

All submitted manuscripts received by the Editorial Office/conference submission management will be checked by a professional in-house Managing Editor .

 Manuscripts that are not properly prepared will be returned  to the authors for revision and resubmission.

Once a manuscript passes the initial checks, it will be assigned to at least two independent experts for double-blind peer-review.

The managing guest  editor will communicate the decision of the authors, which will be one of the following:

  • Accept after Minor Revisions:
    The paper is in principle accepted after revision based on the reviewer’s comments. Authors are given five days for minor revisions.
  • Reconsider after Major Revisions:
    The acceptance of the manuscript would depend on the revisions. The author needs to provide a point by point response or provide a rebuttal if some of the reviewer’s comments cannot be revised. Usually, a maximum of two rounds of major revision per manuscript is normally provided. Authors will be asked to resubmit the revised paper within a suitable time frame, and the revised version will be returned to the reviewer for further comments. If the required revision time is estimated to be longer than 2 months, we will recommend that authors withdraw their manuscript before resubmitting so as to avoid unnecessary time pressure and to ensure that all manuscripts are sufficiently revised.
  • Reject and Encourage Resubmission:
    If additional experiments are needed to support the conclusions, the manuscript will be rejected and the authors will be encouraged to re-submit the paper once further experiments have been conducted.
  • Reject:
    The article has serious flaws, and/or makes no original significant contribution. No offer of resubmission is provided.

All reviewer comments should be responded to in a point-by-point fashion. Where the authors disagree with a reviewer, they must provide a clear response.